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Thread: Decompressing Taiko V

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    Decompressing Taiko V

    Past few months I have toying with files from the Taiko no Tatsujin games series on 3DS, all the files used LZ11 Compression, I have recently turned my eyes to the VITA game Taiko V and having no luck working out what compression it is under, was hoping to find some help here, that is if you guys take requests.

    From what I can tell looking at various recent Taiko games the files I'm looking at tend to be the same across platforms which could help?

    I'm not really sure what is the optimal way to ask for help when it comes to compression so not sure the best information to provide.

    I've attached a .zip that contains the following.

    VITA/skorpg_e.bin (1.00 KB)
    VITA/skorpg_h.bin (1.12 KB)
    VITA/skorpg_m.bin (1.37 KB)
    VITA/skorpg_n.bin (1.12 KB)
    ^Compressed VITA Files.

    3DS/skorpg_e.bin (800 Bytes)
    3DS/skorpg_h.bin (896 Bytes)
    3DS/skorpg_m.bin (1.06 KB)
    3DS/skorpg_n.bin (864 Bytes)
    ^Compressed 3DS Files

    3DS/Decompressed/skorpg_e.bin (6.50 KB)
    3DS/Decompressed/skorpg_h.bin (9.39 KB)
    3DS/Decompressed/skorpg_m.bin (12.3 KB)
    3DS/Decompressed/skorpg_n.bin (7.30 KB)
    ^Decompressed 3DS Files, what I'm trying to get VITA files to look like.

    Finally a few shots of the "skorpg_e.bin" file opened in an HEX Editor under the 2 compressions/decompressed

    Hopefully I've provided enough information.
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    Maybe you'd have better results by asking in

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