I decide today to bite the bullet and write a full 256 BWTS compressor
It still is in testing. But Basically I did a BWTS followed by MTFQ followed by RLEQ which is all old stuff then wrote a special mode of ARB255 called it ARB25X did some tweaking till it beat a page I found on Calgary 18 file test of M99 and RLE+M99


It could be tweaked more. And the executables may not run on
most machine but its a start I tweaked it till I got 874,034 where
as the one I am comparting against gets 874,040 I am sure it
could be tweaked more. It actually for short files.


contains a test set up with just the executables
except has the source code for arb25x and shows
the logs for Clagary and Bananas files.

Any comments welcomed. Its only mentioned at this site for now!!
David A. Scott