Dear Encoders,

Hope you are all having a great summer.

I am planning a new JPEG 2000 benchmark to measure image quality and speed
for a number of open source and proprietary codecs.

I will be testing:

Grok (my open source multi-core fork of OpenJPEG)
Grok Pro (my GPU-enabled version of Grok)


The benchmark scripts and methodology will be open source. I would like to measure
compression performance, speed, and image quality (for lossy compression ) under
a number of different J2K profiles. These test images ( will be used

Hardware will be an Intel Skylake I7 CPU running Linux, with one or two mid-range AMD GPUs, probably the new RX 470s.

Unfortunately, since I will not have nVidia hardware available, I will not be able to test the two open source GPU-accelerated
codecs, which are written using CUDA, and only target nVidia cards:

If anyone is interested in making other codecs available for this benchmark, or to get involved in any other way, please
let me know.