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Thread: MTF: There can be only one!

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    MTF: There can be only one!

    Eugene Shelwien further optimized his vectorizable constant-speed MTF implementation. Now, according to my tests it delivers constant speed of 114 MiB/s with AVX2 and 93 MiB/s with SSE2. The best-so-far implementation from BSC runs at 70 MiB/s on enwik9 and only 20 MiB/s on random data. All these measurements were taken on my Haswell i7-4770, with single thread running at 3.9 GHz.

    usage example:
    encoding: mtf_gc70_SSE2.exe c infile outfile
    decoding: mtf_gc70_SSE2.exe d infile outfile

    Older MTF-related threads:

    Meanwhile, i work on GPU implementation. I invite to this thread everyone who want to compete with us!

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