Anyone tried this?

"range" are from 1.. length of raw-bitstream.
theres an interesting part here where the style of technique needs to be periodic so we need modulus of the length during jumping from one point to the other.
(1's are the interesting bits, 0 is just a background).

- start and test at every '1' and add(or'ing (here we could also try xor)) jumping to the next point a predefined "range"-forward.
- discard if hited at no-bit.
repeat until most one-bits are hited, and try with different regions/windows.

during a brute-force it will eventually find most hit'ed bits and store that value.
we could also move some kind of a pointer to produce different results.
this is some sort of a sliding window technique i believe (i dunno if it has a name for it),
and not all numbers are available from let's say starting at the first bit.