I'm just a laic user of the application in this case, namely Super REP. See here:

I compressed some of my digital datas with this process among other things. See:
I went through the followings on Linux Mint : First, I put the files into a TAR archive. Then I used Christian Schneider's /schnaader/ precompressor utility (http://schnaader.info/precomp.php). Then, I made that SREP tool eat the output of precomp as input, with it's 3.91 beta version, as I remember. And then, finally, I've had the main compression task to be done with lrzip : http://ck.kolivas.org/apps/lrzip/

LRZip worked fine during backward too, mean the decompression. But SREP gives me this CREEPY error, while I would like to decompress the file:

ERROR! Decompression problem: uncompressed block size is XXXXXXXXX bytes, while maximum supported size is 8388608 bytes

XXXXXXXXX is the size of bytes, depends on the file, not really important in that case.

PLEASE, HELP ME! IS IT RESOLUBLE, OR..... my files are lost??!!!
Am I doing something wrong via the terminal, wrong arguments, parameters in the decompression command?? Or what??!

Here is the link to the concrete file, which I have to decompress successfully:
Or just shortly: http://file.uw.hu
(Both links refers to the same file)

Many thanks in advance to the masters!