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    Google VP10 video codec

    Finally some details about the progress of development of VP10:

    Some improvements over VP9 (currently 12-20% bitrate reduction):

    • high bit-depth internal: 10/12 bits (also artificially to improve prediction quality: 2-4% gain for 8-bit content),
    • partition structure: 8-way partition (4 in VP9), 128x128 unit size (64x64 in VP9),
    • new intra prediction, “recursive 3-/4-tap filtering framework from the left and top edges”, more directional prediction modes,
    • Inter-prediction – up to 6 reference frames (3 in VP9),
    • InterIntra – “A compound prediction mode that combines an inter- and intra-predictor”,
    • OWMC (overlapped wedge motion compensation) - “allows blocks to have oblique partitions”, using “wedge codebook”: for dividing a block into parts using separate predictors (inter/intra),
    • OBMC (overlapped block motion compensation) – “blend multiple predictors using motion information from neighboring causal blocks”,
    • Global motion: pan/tilt/zoom/shake, gaming,
    • “Super transform: transforms that cover multiple prediction blocks, a combination of prediction and transform”,
    • Extended transforms: 16 transforms ((DCT/ADST/FlipADST/DST)^2) for 4x4/8x8/16x16, explored 32x32 and 64x64 wavelet/DCT hybrids, transform skip mode, recursive transform units,
    • Entropy coding – only Asymmetric Numeral Systems mentioned as much faster for decoding.

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