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Thread: My examples like lz4 & lz5

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    My examples like lz4 & lz5

    Sorry, I'm not a profi programmer and not an English speaker.
    I've read about lz4 & lz5 by Yann Collet and downloaded his examples from Github (lz4.exe & lz5.exe). I added several improvements in lz77 algorithm and wrote Win32 example, which shows compression ratio on ~ 4% better than lz5 with simple hash.

    My program uses simple hash and hash table on 1M cells like lz5.exe (as I saw it). I've compared my program with lz5 in simple hash mode on a 800Kb plain text file and a 8.3Mb exe file.

    I want to know is anyone interested in this info?

    Remark: my example stores compressed data in raw format.
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