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    Talking My new compression algorithm

    Hello, i recently invented a new algorithm - i think it is new because it is not basic on entropy, or data repeating, like LZ family or arithmetic encoding. Because i'm not a software developer so i currently haven't created compression application yet. All information below is only my prediction
    My algorithm have some advance:
    1. Can compress ALL TYPE OF FILE " include files compressed by itself ", so that we can perform multi level compression to maximize compress ratio (compress ratio can be 100:1 if necessary)
    2. compression speed is not affected by the input string, faster than arithmetic but slower than lzw... moreover, my algorithm do not consume too much memory and cpu as PQA ( it just nearby LZ family algorithm), the more memory and cpu speed, more compression speed and ratio we gain.
    3. decompression speed is faster about 4 times than compress speed. (we compress once to decompress millions times)
    4. security feature: encoding sequence will create an string of controller that length 1/1000 of source string and data cannot be decompressed if we hide that string
    Low speed: every compress - decompress level or circle take time equal to LZ family but only can reduce less than 5,5%(can be increase in future research ) of source string, because we are compressing the
    incompressible data

    Is it valuable enough to develop a application?
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