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Thread: Context mixing file compressor for MenuetOS (x86-64 asm)

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    Context mixing file compressor for MenuetOS (x86-64 asm)

    Hello Guys,

    This is a context mixing file compressor written in pure x86-64 assembly language.

    I would like to contribute to the forum by sharing it's source.

    The compressor is mainly made for MenuetOS which is an x86-64 based OS as well.

    So, 'mntcm' is not intended to be better than any of the other codecs, it just suits MeOS' needs.

    - the codec uses 12+2 models, from which two are low-order match models.
    - has a balance between speed and memory optimization (not the fastest out there, but can work by using a moderate amount of memory)
    - fits into 4k

    The codec is mainly based on the descriptions (Data Compression Explained) provided by Mr. Mahoney.

    The source contains a C-based 'template', both a nasm and a fasm version and a C-interface example 'mntcm.exe' for Win64 (can be compiled for Linux I suppose).

    Some test results here:

    kernel.mnt (Menuet's 1.0 kernel or so):

    original: 218880 bytes
    compressed: 77040 bytes
    x86-filtered and compressed: 72790 bytes


    compressed: 701,112 bytes
    RLE filtered and compressed: 698,705 bytes


    compressed: 22,112,131 bytes

    As can be seen, the compressor is mainly suitable - and tuned - for executables, especially when x86 filtering is done.
    Currently, it does not use any filter.

    It's speed is not as good as cmm's or ccm's, but operates around ~600KB/s on my Core2 Duo.
    (Since it's an old machine, the asm version employs only SSE2-3-SSSE3 instructions)

    Can be downloaded here:

    Details are later, the overall code is still not finalized, some models were removed etc..


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