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    .rpk Game Archive


    I am trying to extract files from a .rpk game archive. It is found in the Monopoly Streets games for consoles. RPK is a format I can find 0 information about on the internet. I am currently trying to write a script for QuickBMS to extract it, but I am pretty lost with that language; reverse engineering file formats is quite new for me, so is hex editing. I just don't know exactly what to do.

    I hope you can help me extract the .rpk files. I have included a few .rpk files with this post: the three smallest .rpk files to be found, one .rpk file for a Monopoly pawn, and one for a Monopoly board. Inside there will be all kinds of data about the specific object. I have extracted more archives to get to these files and I'm not giving up now, I'm just stuck on unknown formats.

    I really apprieciate any suggestions or help. Thank you.
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    Well from the view of an Hexeditor some strings seems to indicate that they are texture or model files.

    This seems confirmed by this community of gamers over here: (How to open .rpk files)

    I hope this helps
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