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Thread: UltraARC for Inno Setup

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    UltraARC for Inno Setup

    Presenting UltraARC for Inno Setup

    What does the program do?

    This program allows you split freearc archives in so that they may be able to fit in media
    or volume output of your choice, CD700s, DVD5s, DVD9s, BRD25s, BRD50s, doesn't matter, it
    will fit.

    How to make the program work?
    First select the source directory/folder of the content you want to compress.
    Select method(s) for the compression of the content. (No selection is equivalent to Storing)
    Set compression threshold, this sets the amount of content or data the program should deal
    with at a time. (This option is overridden by the program sometimes when there is a file
    that has a greater size than the threshold) [Note: Smaller thresold is better]
    Set the first volume size. (This option is available for main important files that may be
    needed such as setup.exe) [Note: approximately 256kb is reserved space and is taken automatically]
    Set the volume sizes.
    Set the output directory.
    Set the volume prefix name, volume(s) will be generated with the selected prefix name
    (e.g. Media_1, Media_2...)
    Set the archive prefix name, archives(s) will be generated with the selected prefix name
    (e.g. data1.ext, data2.ext...)
    Set the archive extension name, archives(s) will be generated with the selected suffix name
    The click on compress.
    How to use this program for conversions?
    It is very simple.
    If you want to make the program use the settings you provided or the ones which you want the
    program user to use for the conversion, edit the UltraARC.ini, put the default values.
    The default values will be read by the program then they will be set and unavailable to the user
    to edit. Any value that is unedited or left blank will be available to user to edit.
    How to unpack the compressed data?
    Decompression is handled by an Inno Setup installer that is hooked up with the UltraARC functions.
    (There is an example of script)
    After having the Inno Setup Installer hooked up with UltraARC, just place it in the first media or
    volume [Hint: records.ini must exist in that directory]
    Then you are done, the rest will be handled.
    Q: What is Inno Setup?
    A: It is a setup/installer program created by Jordan Russell
      This is where you can get the software
    Q: What type of Inno Setup is supported?
    A: Both ANSI and Unicode are supported (Also Enhanced is supported)
    Q: Why do I keep getting stream errors in program?
    A: Perheps writing errors, make sure the program has permissions from PC.
    A: Make sure you have enough space.
    Q: What precomp version is used?
    A: Version 0.38
    Q: Why is compression taking long when precomp method is chosen?
    A: Precomp takes a long time when compressing/reflating.
    Q: What program was used to created UltraARC?
    A: RAD Studio XE7 (Delphi)
    Q: Why does the program show the message "Cannot start converting process"
    A: Either the source directory or output directory does not exist.
    Pakrat2k2@Fileforums for testing the program
    Jordan Russell, creator of Inno Setup.
    ProFrager, creator of ISDone, Precomp, Srep plugin, MSC
    Bulat Ziganshin, creator of Freearc and Srep
    Christian Schneider, creator of Precomp
    Vorbis, creator of OggEncode
    RareWare, creator of OggDecode
    Microsoft, creator of CDImage (oscdimg)
    Rich Geldreich, creator of Crunch Advanced Texture Compression
    Created by Razor12911@Fileforums
    Copyright Fileforums 2015. All rights reserved.
    Click image for larger version. 

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