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Thread: Compiling Source Code

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    Compiling Source Code

    Hey everyone,

    Lately I've been learning and studying source code compilation. I know that some here are very skilled at this and with their skills they were able to make the fastest or smallest binaries.

    I am not a programmer at all, whatsoever, so what I've been doing is trying and combining different flags/switches with my compilers to see what is best.

    I've been playing around with TANGELO 1.0 and UDA 0.301 because they are simple and easy to compile. My compilers are as follows:

    GCC (MinGW and Cygwin)
    ICC 11.1
    MSVC (multiple versions)

    For TANGELO, with GCC I seem to get the fastest binary but the binary filesize is enormous. With ICC, it is considerably slower but half the size of GCC's binary. For UDA though, dwing's binary is 32KB while my faster ICC compile is 64KB at the smallest.

    So my question is, for all of you that are very skilled with source code compiling, are there any tricks, specific switches, etc. taht are helpful for data compression programs specifically?

    Any help would be great! I know that some don't want to share their secrets, but I'm hoping others would be willing to share so we can all benefit.

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    msvc6/gcc3 should give the smallest executables since they are using msvc6 runtime included in most windows versions

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    my experience is that GCC creates files 45 KB+ if you use the default settings

    according to a heapsort, quicksort and mergesort test the compiler from Intel shouldn't be so slow in general:

    Here is a speed benchmark of different compilers. It also gives the command line options used:
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