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    Question Video Recompression

    Dear I need some help, please....
    I have this set of videos (~12gb) in my tablet (Android 4.4) They weight too much and leave no room for anything else, so I decided to transcode them.
    Since I know nearly zero of video codecs, I want you to tell me, please, if there is a proved good codec to start with... h265 perhaps?
    I know there is no perfect solution. And i do *not* want to batch a billion permutations to brute-force the very best result. I am happy with a decent reduction in size while quality is preserved.
    The videos are half in .avi (mp4) and half in .m4v (avc), according to MediaInfo...
    They have no audio inside (sign language).

    So... What do you think??? Thanks in advance! Best Regards.
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