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    Help Adding Progress Indicator

    Hi everyone,

    Recently I've been attempting to learn about C++ source code compilation and modifications of existing sources. What I've learned so far is very, very basic.

    Some open-source compressors do their compression/decomression without any progress indicator which is rather annoying. By progress indicator, I mean a percentage display like in Nanozip, UDA, RAR, 7z, etc. Is there an easy way to add a progress indicator to display progress during the compression/decompression process?

    So, for example, I've been playing with TANGELO 1.0 by Jan Ondrus and CRUSH 1.0 by Ilia sources recently--They are somewhat understandable to me. Is there an easy way to add a progress indicator to be printed while doing compression and decompression? Both programmers chose not to put one in so perhaps it is not so simple of a task?

    Any help would be great.
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