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    Hi everybody,

    I usually work with game Roms (12 years) and at this moment I manage projects near 200 GB, but when I knew FreeARC I fell in love. Since then I am interested in learning a bit about the world of Lossless Data Compression. Now, I want be clear, I dont know nothing about this (nothing).

    I want to introduce, because I would like experiment with FreeARC customs like Fox Kompressor, but Idont know how to decompress those files, and I want to generate some SFX, etc...

    Maybe I should start by studying the concepts (Mask, addon, CLS, difference between method and format, advantages and disadvantages of each algorith, filters, etc.), Ive been looking for, but this information is generally more programmer oriented, rather than people like me.

    Could you help me? or recommend me what can I read, but that isnt so exhaustive?

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    We don't really have much information about repacks here.
    Its more about finding the right IS plugins/scripts, container analysis and so on, you don't really need programming or deep understanding of data compression.
    Here I googled some links for you, but I don't know where to find a complete tutorial in english.


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