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Thread: LZC10 Compressor

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    Smile LZC10 Compressor

    I was searching high and low for a command line processor that would compress any input file (I needed to compress Xilinx code for an embedded system and HTM web pages for an embedded web server) to an 8 bit compressed format that uses a simple and fast de-compressor that can be implemented on a eZ80 or Microchip embedded platforms.

    In the past I used a 16bit command line utility LZC10.exe - but it only runs on 16 bit Windows platforms or dosBox emulators. As it is many HTML pages that have to be updated automation in batch files and command line utility is the fastest and most convenient way. I wrote a new LZC10R.exe program that works on Windows 32bit and 64bit platforms like XP, Windows 7 and Windows 8.

    I am sure there are others out there that ran into the same issue. Here is a link to the lzc10r.exe

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    What are you going to decompress from/to? Program memory? RAM? External flash?
    How much space can the algorithm consume?
    LZO has some low-memory variants, I'm not sure if 'low' applies to just compressor or it together with the decompressor and license is a no-go for most embedded projects though.
    If it doesn't work for you you have several choices:
    * use rle
    * use some standard LZ, any LZ77 w/out smart entropy coding should do. You may need to modify it to reduce maximum match length in order to reduce RAM requirements though.
    * make something custom. A simple LZ is not a big work.
    * search more. I search for FOSS LZ77s *a lot* for a different use and haven't found any one that would target microcontrollers specifically. If you find one, please share.
    * if your speed and memory budgets are really fat, even something like deflate might work. I see that eZ80AcclaimPlus!has 16 KB ram and 256 KB flash. Phew, what a fatty. tinfl is fairly small, though I have no idea if it's portable. miniz is much bigger, but still will fit easily enough and I wouldn't be surprised if it worked out of the box.
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