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Ultra-High Compression:
With no sacrifice in Quality, encode your video to lower bit-rates. That translates to 10-30% savings on delivery and storage costs.

10x Real Time:
Need your 60min video encoded into 20 profiles in 6 minutes? QuickFire.TV’s GPU accelerated infrastructure can deliver video at game changing speeds.

Ultra-High Quality:
Increase video image quality by up to 30% without increasing file size. A perfect solution for encoding premium video for users who request the highest definition video.

Old news:

"QuickFire.TV claims to transcode video ten times faster than similar services."

"Each rack in the servers that make up its hardware platform (which the company calls T-Video) contains a custom motherboard built to accommodate 11 quad-core Intel Core i7 processors. Each of those processors work in unison, with work distributed by a software layer QuickFire calls V-Fabric. Furthermore, each rack in the server is tied together with another layer known as Q-Data."

"In seconds, he encoded 50 minutes of video for 20 different platforms."