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Thread: Something for those who want to Compress Bink Videos Lossless

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    Cool Something for those who want to Compress Bink Videos Lossless

    Its a Bink Compressor (Decompressor). I mean I found this in temp directory while installing a Game so I compressed the executables and the bunch of .dll's and .inf's I found in the Dir/Temp. I created this thread or uploaded this file, so that you can decode whats inside, study it, research on it if you can. I opened it using ResHacker and found written •••Ì••••••••• bikunpack••’Utils••KWindows••SysIn it••ÇSystem••|lzmaLib••`DLLLoader• /ppmdLib••DUnpackUnit••

    Sorry If I wasted ur Precious time, Plz Share if you Came up with any idea how this works and Please Create a Compressor to compress BIK. files.

    I need It, We all do.
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