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    Although this Software has been in place since 2011, I didn't like it so much precisely. Now, it comes with very interesting features.
    Basically, it is LZMA plus some tricks not explained in detail. It features AES encryption, is multi-platform and public-oriented, featuring a very clean and intuitive interface. Just 'add to my-archive' and that's it.
    B1 is free and Open Source, actively developed (at November 2014).
    Its strong point is not powerful compression but a good compromise between ratio and speed.
    Technically, this is nothing new. In my tests B1 does not shine over other archivers. But is still nice . And seems to have a good future.

    From Softonic:

    B1 Free Archiver is a free multi-platform universal archiver which works on Windows, Mac and Linux, as well as Android. B1 Archiver supports most popular formats. B1 Archiver is fast, simple and safe. The B1 archive format is an open-source project which offers an open, fast and effective archive format for everyone. In this new format the best known solutions and algorithms are combined with original ideas and discoveries by B1. The B1 archive format brings both amazing speed and a high compression ratio. B1 uses the Apache License, so unlike some other formats B1 is completely free for both personal and commercial use.
    Surpasses other products by - friendly interface and handy usage - provides full support of archive in archive - provides versions for Windows, Linux, Mac, Android and has an online form - may serve as convenient file manager
    Our software is very user friendly, does not abusive users with heavy interface or multiple tabs and is convenient for everyone.

    From Official Site:
    Information for developers

    B1 Pack project

    B1 archive is an open archive format, where best proven solutions were improved even more with new original ideas.
    It's free and available for both personal and commercial use.

    Tools & libraries

    B1 Pack project documentation and library usage example
    B1 Pack API documentation and JavaDocs
    B1 archive format description and schema.
    Command-line tool
    You can download sources of all b1 tools and libraries at github.

    We are open to all developers who want to use or contribute to b1 pack project

    B1 Pack is an open-source project and we follow best practices of open-source community.
    We encourage you to use any of b1 tools, libraries or source code for your products or services without any fee.
    Please refer to B1 Pack project documentation and discussion group for more details.
    Also feel free to ask support should you have any questions or if you want to contribute to b1.

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