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    List of Asymmetric Numeral Systems implementations

    Wikipedia article, benchmarks by Hamid Buzidi and by Przemysław Skibiński.
    Video: basics by Feldhoffer Gergely, introduction by Ajay Sankalkar, Berkeley DL lecture by Pieter Abbeel: 2019, 2020, promotional animation by Jagiellonian Universiy
    by: Matt Mahoney (uABS), Andrew Polar (tANS), first of many posts by Yann Collet (tANS/FSE), gathered posts of Charles Bloom (tANS), first post of Fabian Giesen (rANS in practice), James K. Bonfield (rANS, page 20+), chapter of Colt McAnlis "Understanding compression" book (tANS), StackExchange, post by Roman Cheplyaka (Haskell), Juha Kärkkäinen slides from course at University of Helsinki, Moffat-Petri paper, post by Jeremy Gibbons (Haskell) and article, interactive post by Kedar Tatwawadi, posts by Andrey Smachev: tANS/FSE Rus/Eng, rANS Rus/Eng, ALICE LHC poster (Michael Lettirch), rANS tutorial by James Townsend, long post by Brian Keng (Python).
    Some my materials: slides, preprint, PCS2015 paper, toolkit, simulator, video lecture, 2019 poster.

    Compressors using ANS:
    - zhuff (Dec 23, Yann Collet, LZ+tANS) - extremely fast:
    - lzturbo (Hamid Buzidi, LZ+tANS)- focused on speed in large range of compression levels:
    - LZA (Nania Francesco, LZ+adaptive rANS) - quick decoding for great compression:
    - lzmax (Przemysław Skibiński, tANS) - quick LZ + FSE:
    - CRAM 3.0 DNA compressor from SAMtools (Nov 24, James K. Bonfield, European Bioinformatics Institute, order 1 rANS): (benchmarks),

    - Facebook Zstandard/ZSTD (Yann Collet et al., LZ + FSE/tANS) - gzip/zlib replacement (e.g. in the Guardian) with much better compression and speed:, already used in many places beside Facebook like Linux kernel, Android, Instagram, Amazon Redshift, Apache Hadoop, standardization for MIME (email/html),
    - Oodle LZNA (Charles Bloom, Fabian Giesen, RAD Game Tools, LZ+adaptive rANS) -
    - Apple LZFSE (Eric Bainville, Lempel-Ziv + Finite State Entropy, tANS) -, thesis by Martin Hron
    - Oodle BitKnit (Fabian Giesen, Charles Bloom, RAD Game Tools, LZ+adaptive rANS) -
    - (in development) Google VP10 video compressor (Alex Converse, rANS+uABS) -
    - experimental branch of Google WebP image compressor (Pascal Massimino, rANS+uABS) -
    - XPACK (Eric Biggers, LZ77 + FSE/tANS):
    - (in development) AV1 video codec of Alliance for Open Media (Amazon, Cisco, Google, Intel, Microsoft, Mozilla, Netflix, AMD, ARM, NVIDIA) (Alex Converse, Pascal Massimino rANS+uABS):
    - parallel ZSTD (Nick Terell) and Blosc ZSTD (Francesc Alted) - multithreading, cache optimizations, bithuffle filters :
    - GST: GPU-decodable Supercompressed Textures (Pavel Krajcevski, Srihari Pratapa, Dinesh Manocha, rANS):
    - Google Draco 3D geometric meshes and point clouds compression library (Ondrej Stava, Lou Quillo, rANS):
    - Google PIK "lossy image format for the internet" (Jan Wassenberg, Zoltan Szabatka, rANS):
    - RAZOR (Christian Martelock, adaptive rANS) - revolutionary super-strong LZ-based archiver (some details)
    - lolz (adaptive rANS, LZNA derivative) used in game repacks (?):
    - pingo (Cédric Louvrier, tANS) fast webimage optimizer:
    - Oodle Leviathan, Kraken, Mermaid (Charles Bloom, Fabian Giesen, selectively tANS):
    - Dropbox DivANS (Daniel Reiter Horn, Jongmin Baek, adaptive rANS):
    - zchunk (Jonathan Dieter) - zstd based default compressor for Fedora 29+ :
    - Google's image compression via triangulation (David Marwood, Pascal Massimino, Michele Covell, Shumeet Baluja):
    - index compression
    - Volumetric Approach to Point Cloud Compression (8i, rANS):
    - Bits-back coding (image, variational autoencoder + LIFO ANS):
    - M99 BWT compressor (Michael Maniscalco, experimental tANS):
    - Google Brunsli
    JPEG repacker in JPEG XL (rANS):
    - JPEG XL (alias rANS): discussion, draft:, SPIE September 2019 paper, April 2020 benchmark paper, implementation:
    - Bit-Swap coding (image, hierarchical variational autoencoder + LIFO ANS) extension of Bits-Back (ICML 2019):
    - Integer Discrete Flows and Lossless Compression (image, rANS):
    - Compression with Flows via Local Bits-Back Coding:
    - NAF - Nucleotide Archival Format (preprocessor + zstd):
    - Scientific dataset compression (preprocessor + zstd):
    - Tampering-resistant image compression (FSE/tANS):
    - electrocardiogram (ECG) data:
    - video compression wavelets (tANS):
    - hierarchical latent variable models (LIFO ANS):
    - Google WebP v2 image compressor (adaptive rANS):
    - Oodle Kraken (tANS) hardware decoder in Sony PlayStation 5:
    - Improving Integer Discrete Flows (rANS, Google):
    - CSPRNG using rANS, tANS:
    - NLZM (LZMA-style compressor with nibbled rANS and optimal parsing):
    - Inpainting-based Video Compression in FullHD (tANS in FSE):
    - Zuckerli - compression format and data structures for large graphs (rANS, Google):
    - learned video codec (rANS):
    - Learning Non-linear Wavelet Transformation via Normalizing Flow (rANS):
    - Improving Lossless Compression Rates via Monte Carlo Bits-Back Coding (rANS):

    - Matt Mahoney - fpaqa, fpaqb (tabled uABS), fpaqc (uABS): ,
    - Andrew Polar - tANS:
    - Yann Collet - Finite State Entropy (FSE) - fast implementation of tANS (introducing fast symbol spread):
    - Fabian Giesen - rANS - introducing interleaving, SIMD variants, alias method:
    - Charles Bloom - rANS/tANS:
    - Hamid Buzidi - turboANS (tANS) - extraordinary claims but no confirmation (closed source), used in lzturbo compressor:
    - Pascal Massimino - FSC - rANS/tANS (also alias method):
    - James K. Bonfield - ultra fast, order1 rANS:
    - Fredric Langlet - java implementation of rANS (kanzi library):
    - Nania Francesco - adaptive rANS:
    2018: BareRose nibble adaptive rANS: discussion:
    2019: Massively Parallel ANS Decoding on GPUs ( ):
    - C64 demo rABS:

    Also: approximations of ANS (implementation of nburns), uABS/rABS discussion, Google video codec discussion (FSC), SIMD rANS implementations, fighting patent for basic ANS applications (PAP, bleepingcomputer, Arstechnica), lightweight compression+encryption with ANS.
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