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    Cool Identifying compression method

    I had a strange compression file that I couldn't find any clue.
    File signature start with *SK_ASC* and unknown compression.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    The list below compression method that I tested, but doesn't match:

    • LZ10
    • LZ11
    • LZ77
    • LZO1x-1
    • LZO1x-999
    • LZSS
    • LZW
    • LZMA
    • HUFF blocksize 4 & 8 byte
    • RLE
    • ZLIB

    I had a decompression data, and still no clue for a few days.
    Can anyone identify this compression method?

    Here is the file:

    [File Information]

    • CMP is a compressed data which always start with SK_ASC.
    • BIN is a same as CMP.
    • DCMP is a instant copy from memory file, which was extracted from offset 0x80CA6980.
    • DMP is a data value correction by subtracted 0x80CA6980 because there so many memory scrapping dummy. (so this is the cleaned decompressed data if i guess right)
    • RAM is a ram dump data

    I already posted several forum. But still no clue for weeks
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