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Thread: QuikCAT Miliki Super Compressor

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    Question QuikCAT Miliki Super Compressor

    I found a compressor which called as Shrink from LAFE Technologies and it is advertised as "compresses documents and images up to 10x more than ZIP software". In their site ( there are some benchmark results. Here is one of them:
    Quote Originally Posted by
    MS Excel Document = 9,005KB
    After WinZIP = 3,682KB
    After Miliki = 300KB WOW!
    After guessing something about it, I decided to test it. But, I didn't find any trial version in their site for testing it. Then I searched from google and found some (probably) old version of it. It was QuikCAT Miliki Super Compressor. Here is the test results for Miliki vs PAQ8o8
    A10.jpg (842,468 bytes)
    Miliki  69,824 bytes
    PAQ8o8 638,134 bytes
    AcroRd32.exe (3,870,784 bytes)
    Miliki 1,722,265 bytes
    PAQ8o8   908,080 bytes
    english.dic (4,067,439 bytes)
    Miliki 1,056,070 bytes
    PAQ8o8   385,468 bytes
    FlashMX.pdf (4,526,946 bytes)
    Miliki 1,721,900 bytes
    PAQ8o8 3,558,013 bytes
    FP.LOG (20,617,071 bytes)
    Miliki 1,340,131 bytes
    PAQ8o8   263,138 bytes
    MSO97.DLL (3,782,416 bytes)
    Miliki 2,174,551 bytes
    PAQ8o8   551,382 bytes
    ohs.doc (4,168,192 bytes)
    Miliki 1,000,234 bytes
    PAQ8o8   483,219 bytes
    rafale.bmp (4,149,414 bytes)
    Miliki  95,803 bytes
    PAQ8o8 551,382 bytes
    vcfiu.hlp (4,121,418 bytes)
    Miliki 841,669 bytes
    PAQ8o8 401,868 bytes
    world95.txt (2,988,578 bytes)
    Miliki 863,310 bytes
    PAQ8o8 357,902 bytes
    Summary for Miliki
    Sum of Compressed File Size: 10,885,757 bytes
    Single Archive Size:         10,885,514 bytes (it's clear there is no "Solid Mode")
    I think, all of you already guessed what's going on. It's clear that they are using a lossy compression method for images (maybe with precomp like deflate recompression). For proving this, here is the decompressed files from Miliki (only listed which has different CRC32 with original file):
    File          Original Size   Decompressed Size
    A10.jpg             842,468             255,646
    FlashMX.pdf       4,526,946           2,929,632
    rafale.bmp        4,149,414           4,149,414
    In Miliki Settings, it's obvious that there is a lossy image compression algorithm. Because, there is a slider for selecting image degradation. According to degradation of the image which in Settings dialog, someone is able to easily guess Miliki's algorithm: wavelet (JPEG like DCT algorithms degrades images into mosaic looking while JPEG 2000 like wavelet algorithms degrades images into muddy looking). Note that, all of test were made with "No degradation" mode. But, it seems in even "No degradation", there is still degradation. So, I decided to test it in pixel-to-pixel. I extracted differences between original and decompressed version of rafale.bmp in Photoshop. Even before magnification differences, I was able to easily see the differences. After magnification, I saw that differences were in everywhere!

    Here is the download links for trial version: (Trial for 30 days) (Trial for 14 days)

    I had tested "Trial for 14 days" version. Seems both versions are identical. Installing on Vista x64 SP1 was failed. So, I installed it on WinXP SP2 under VMWare and tested.
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    It's known that Miliki is lossy.

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    Yes, thats a really old one

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