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Thread: PAKKA (ZPAQ's Win32 "versioned" unpacker)

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    PAKKA (ZPAQ's Win32 "versioned" unpacker)

    This program is designed to easily extract different versions of files compressed in ZPAQ on Windows platform,
    something like zfs' snapshot.

    The main actors are the various versions of the files, never overwrite file (append _xxxxxxx);
    show (ugly) estimated ETA.

    I use it mainly with huge mysql dumps and source code.

    Can be used from the command line: pakka filename.zpaq
    Pakka ? for CLI help.
    /noskin to turn off skin color (automatically disabled when is in Terminal mode).

    No need for zpaq.exe (will be extracted in %temp%).

    Can stop extraction via Control-C (in the ZPAQ window), or clicking Exit
    (or closing the main Window).

    You can use this program in any way you want, but without any warranty,
    at your own risk.
    Remember: ZPAQ is a Matt Mahoney's (great) program

    Currently without KEY (crypto) support, and with 6.43 version instead of 6.44

    Please be free to suggest improvements

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