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    Talking bwtsdcV2

    This updates my bijective BWTS DC FIB with the addition of a entropy
    compressor. There are a lot more things that can be done to improve
    the compression and stability of it.
    Use in a file by itself!!
    forward.bat does the forward compression
    back.bat does the uncompress.

    both bat files do the thing in both direction to check for errors.

    Not "BANANAS" compresses from 7 bytes to 6 so it works on small files.
    but notice uncompress of "BANANAS" uncompresses to a 6,813 byte file
    so if you uncompress random files it will often be larger than the
    storage of your computers.

    ENWIK8 went from 23,414,955 to 22,906,639
    ENWIK9 went from 185,709,858 to 181,155,342

    its slow use at your own risk all the source code
    and more included.

    *** Some of the 7z files are encrypted
    with the key "abc" ***
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