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Thread: How to build a developer blog / download site the easy way?

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    Lightbulb How to build a developer blog / download site the easy way?

    Alright, I'm planning on finally setting up a site for my software development, where all recent versions and changelogs will be available.

    This is the status quo:

    The official home of packJPG is currently maintained by HTW Aalen University staff and therefore a little bit difficult to keep up to date:

    My own website (+ Dropbox) is not the best option out there either:

    What I want is a rather simple blog, plus a download area with direct links for all my software (only small file sizes). Here's what I'd need, in short:

    • It should be (almost) free
    • I need to be able to change the domain (will buy some top level domain for it)
    • At least some limited file hosting capabilities for small file direct download
    • Some possibilities to design the interface, but...
    • ... as simple and quick to setup as possible (better no HTML needed)
    • No ads, or at least only unobtrusive ones

    I first thought about Googles Blogger service, but that misses the download area.

    Any ideas?

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    I can give hosting on this server. Wordpress + FTP access for upload files. Every night will be created archive htdocs and mysqldump. You can download it from a password-protected folder.

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