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Thread: precomp speed problem

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    precomp speed problem

    I want to learn something for compress.

    Some of the packages:
    For example, 20 GB to 3 GB
    settings in arc file: precomp04:zl98:d1+srep+lzma:177mb:normal:bt4:128:m c1000:lc8

    I tried to precomp (-intense):
    Much faster , but the pack file size does not matter.

    I tried to precomp (-brute):

    I'm using the same settings & same files (for precomp & srep) to a file 300MB , takes forever and it does not stop, very very slow (precomp 100-200kb/s).
    For example: 2 hours have passed, precomp progress: 0.01 I think 20 GB compress lasts a lifetime. How did others 20 GB compress ?

    What's the problem ? Is there a way I know that? how others can do it much faster? How can I compress large files within a short time?

    ps: example compress usage to unarc.exe for decompress (not pcf file etc.)
    computer specs: i7 cpu - 8 gb ram

    Best regards.
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