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Thread: eXdupe 0.4.1 with complete source

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    eXdupe 0.4.1 with complete source

    I've released the complete (that is, with core deduplication library) source on

    Problem with rsync and other rolling hash functions is that they scatter their hash table access randomly, creating one expensive L1 cache miss per input byte.

    eXdupe computes hash values in another way. For any 8 KB chunk it identifies the first position that fulfills

    char((SMALL_PRIME * (653 + src[i] + src[i + 33*percent] + src[i + 66*percent] + src[i + len - slide - 4]))) == 0, where i is incremented in a loop.

    Obviously this is fulfilled after 256 bytes on average. From *that* i-position, a quick hash (let's call it Q) is computed from a handfull of bytes.

    The Q value is used as index for a stronger hash of the entire 8 KB block, starting from offset 0, so that hashtable[Q] = strong hash.

    eXdupe performs two passes on the input data: First it hashes each concecutive 8 KB block. Next it uses an 8 KB sliding window to test for blocks seen in first pass. The inner loop of the second pass is basically just the above loop that searches for a position - it doesn't do any hashtable lookups whatsoever (only after 256 bytes on average).


    Lasse Reinhold
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    Isn't that problem also solved by using the same rolling hash to decide fragment boundaries on the first pass?

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    exdupe was the first deduplication program jumped over 1GB/s barrier, and your algorithm looks very original, but now it seems outdated. simple but genius zpaq algorithm as implemented in srep 3.9 runs 5x faster and provides better compression ratio

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