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Thread: Testing compressors with artificial data

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    Testing compressors with artificial data

    I made up a test corpus of artificial data files and tested it on a few popular compressors (attached). I think it makes sense to test any new compression algorithm on simple cases, such as a file of all zero bytes, or all random bytes, or alternating zero and random bytes. I found a surprising number of simple cases that can break a lot of compressors (as in compressing poorly). For example, a lot of compressors will not be able to compress (at least not well) the simple case of counting 2 or 4 byte integers (0, 1, 2, 3...). I found a lot of other cases that broke zpaq, which should give me something to work on.

    The attached zip has a readme.txt that describes how the data files were created, and some test results with several compressors and my comments. There is also a small (5 KB) zpaq archive inside which contains the test files, or you can use the scripts (in Windows) to generate them or variations of them. The largest file is 100 MB containing 2 copies of a 50 MB pseudo-random string. I was able to make the archive small by using ZPAQL config files to generate all of the test files, then using the same config files to build the archive. Otherwise the archive would be at least 50 MB.
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