My name is Alvaro Antolinez and I am cofounder of a small spanish startup. We are building a platform that allows to use software and pay for the time used, one hour, a day, a week. We think that being software a incredibly flexible medium, it has a business model that is incredibly rigid. Our point is that if user could have more convenient options, less people would use pirated software.

After considering several options about the arquitecture we finally choose a model similar to STEAM (the game platform), but of course that allows you to pay for a limited time.

Currently we are working on a encryption system based on UPX, but as the legal conditions to use UPX don't allow changing the code, we are going only to use it for demo purposes, for a 100% deployable solution we are currently looking for a developer or team that is able to create for us:

- first a deployable but relatively simple file encryption that we may start using in some weeks (1 -2 months at much). This encription must be capable to keep stored files relatively safe on the HD while at the same time allow the launch of the programs. This is the most urgent and important part.

- Design a more sophisticate and capable DRM system that we could develop once we get traction and users enough to justify the investment. Take into account that we are a small startup with limited resources so we have to proceed step by step. If possible be able to take part on the development of such part, although it probably a team will be needed.

Please contact me at alvaro (at) apparly.com for more info.
Thank you very much.