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Thread: Snappy Compression for large number of small files

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    Red face Snappy Compression for large number of small files

    Hi all,

    I am doing a backup ans restore project on C++ .

    I need to back one million small files ranging from 5kb . I follow the steps below,

    1. Read files upto 1 GB and save in a buffer and read 7200 bytes from buffer.
    2. Compress it.
    3. And send to server.

    I m trying Snappy algorithm for compression. Can i get fixed length of bytes(say 1.5MB) as a compressed output each time . Using Zlib's dictionary i was able to attain that. So that while restoring the backed up files , i will be able to give 1.5 MB and decompress it. But Zlib seems to be slower , so i opted for snappy algorithm. How can i implement the dictionary concept in snappy algorithm effectively. ??


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    I think zlib saves the compressor state information when it reaches end of output and allows you to resume from that state. There might be some performance penalty in Snappy. Try compressing 64K at a time until your output buffer is nearly full. Snappy uses a small window so it should not lose too much compression this way.

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