I am now an old man. When I was young I use to listen to the lies of Pravda (well english broadcasts from russia on short wave radio). I always like listening to my dads short wave radio to hear the news from cuba and other countries. I felt it gave me a better view of what was really happening in the world. Trust me even years ago most of the worlds news was pure propaganda. The news made me respect the news from american sources. True the US news still had some BS but is was better than most countries. What is sad is that today the news in the US is mostly lies and propaganda we are the becoming the old soviet union and in some ways worse as our media is more skilled in shaping public opinion than the old line soviets.
I once worked for NASA however NASA is no more a great american icon and as you most likely know the era of US space exploration is coming to and end and NASA is just another political tool. Maybe the Chinese will led mankind to space exploration as its people become more free. Still my favorite country is the Swiss but they are to small to do much space stuff.
I am writing this because it seems more and more the most honest articles seem to came from Pravda here is link to the article that cause me to write this in the off topic area.


Notice that even great French men are leaving France to get Russian passports. What is happening in the world. Show me that I am wrong.