Dear friends of compression, I just released an online test suite for JPEG standards - it allows you to evaluate the JPEG set of standards on the JPEG/AIC core1 test image set, with only using your browser: Just select the codecs, the coding options, and the images, and wait a couple of minutes - you'll then get the performance of the codecs in the selected modes on the images you picked. As said - this is a real-time test, so it may take some minutes before the results show up. The following codecs are currently tested: JPEG 2000 (in the Accusoft implementation), JPEG and JPEG LS in the implementation I already posted a couple of times here, and JPEG XR, using the reference implementation. As a side remark, I improved the performance of the JPEG code a bit by depending the AC coder on the chroma/luma component. I will release the updated sources hopefully soon. Have fun! Thomas