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Thread: TinyLZP - A very simple LZP compressor

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    TinyLZP - A very simple LZP compressor

    I've just recently developed a very simple LZP compressor (around 100 lines of code for compression/decompression) and so I'm releasing it for anyone who wants a simplified LZP. It moves at around 80mb/s on my laptop, although it's compression ratios are bad (even for its speed class). The source code and both 32 and 64 bit executables are included in this release.

    Also, if anyone has any suggestions on improving it I'll try to include them in subsequent releases. I'm also okay with anyone who wants to modify the code and post the modified versions.

    Initial Benchmarks:

    calgary.tar - 2,240,413 bytes (71.1%) - 0.047 seconds
    enwik8 - 79,220,546 bytes (79.2%) - 1.419 seconds
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