Hi folks, just released a new version of the experimental(!) jpeg coder demonstrating the ideas our new JPEG standard will provide. The sources are here: https://github.com/thorfdbg/libjpeg Only minor modifications were made in this release. The Huffman coder now fills undefined bits at the end of the entropy coded segment by ones, and potentially inserts a stuffed zero byte. Note that the standard defines this only in an informative note, so it is likely not required. The insertion of a stuffed zero byte at this position might also be unnecessary as a parser should identify the first 0xff byte ahead of the marker as "fill byte". Residual coding has been reworked and uses now a simple progressive scan with the special DC case removed. The performance does not differ significantly, and it makes integration into legacy software or hardware easier. Default Huffman tables are now also provided for progressive and lossless scans, thus optimizing the Huffman tables just for these scan types is no longer necessary. Residual or refinement scans still require this argument, though. Usage of the codec does not differ from previous releases, though codestreams using the residual coding mode are not compatible to those generated by 0.5. Note that this is still experimental software and the codestream might still change until the ISO committee decides on the technology. Finally, a couple of workarounds for earlier releases of the g++ compiler have been added.