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nVIDIA advertises its CUDA Technology which can be used on any of the
newer Graphic cards. Is it also applicable for compression?

What is CUDA technology?

NVIDIA's CUDA technology is the world's only C language environment for the
GPU. It enables programmers and developers to create software for quickly
solving complicated computation problems using GPU multicore parallel
processing capabilities. To date, NVIDIA has shipped over 80 million CUDA-
enabled GeForce? 8 Series and higher GPUs, the largest installed base of
general-purpose, parallel-computing processors ever created. The latest
generation of NVIDIA GeForce GPUs (GTX260, GTX280) offer up to 240
processor cores (older ones like GeForce 8800 GT have 112 streaming
cores), compared to a maximum of the four cores found on the highest-end
CPU. Any process that can be divided into multiple elements and run in
parallel can be programmed to take advantage of the massive processing
potential of the GPU.

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