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Thread: A Small Warning

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    Exclamation A Small Warning

    Today, someone with Turkish IP address tried to hack this forum by trying logging in as encode (Admin) user.

    Don't do that!

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    I apologize in Turkish people stead. I can't understand why a Turkish attacks such an "information exchange platform". AFAIK, nationalism is the top reason for attacking a web site for most of Turkish hackers. They regularly attack to some site which hold some "hostility" about Muhammed (recall Netherland caricature crisis about Muhammed), Atat?rk and Turkish national. And they also attack to some site which have potential to disruptting humanity. Such "target sites" are generally consist child porn, animal porn and brutality.

    I do not praise any behaviour of any hacker in anyway. These behaviours are totally senseless for me. But, as you see, there is no reason to attack this site for their point of view. Even though, there is no any "hostility" about ANY country and ANY nation (except USA. Be sure, most of Turkishs are much more sensitive about USA's so-called "democratical" approaches - recall Iraq and Afghanistan).

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