crunch is an open source (ZLIB license) texture compression library I released earlier this year that implements some pretty nifty forms of DXTc compression/transcoding. The patent in question is #20110115806 (HIGH-COMPRESSION TEXTURE MAPPING), more info here:

Grr, software patents are crazy. Can anyone help me identify what mode(s) of crunch (if any) step on this patent? crunch implements three different modes:

- Plain (vanilla block by block) DXTc compression (to .DDS files)
- Rate distortion optimized ("clustered") DXTC compression (to .DDS files, which are later zipped, LZMA'd, etc.)
- Transcodable .CRN files (very fast transcoding directly to DXTc bits with no intermediate recompression step)

I would like to modify the library so it doesn't step on this patent (if it does at all). I wrote all this stuff years ago (I've been implementing this kind of stuff in the game industry for a long time), but I didn't get the free time to release it until earlier this year.