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Thread: CDDA Compression via FreeArc & Ext. Encoder

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    CDDA Compression via FreeArc & Ext. Encoder

    Are there any compression algorithms that can compress CDDA (Compact Disc Digital Audio) files (extension .DA)?

    I specifically want to use the algorithm in conjunction with FreeArc, or does FreeArc already have an algorithm dedicated to this? TTA? I have a few disc images that contain these audio files, and the compression ratio (through Freearc) is weak compared to other disc images that don't contain such files.

    Any advice?

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    I assume that those da-files are in fact uncompressed PCM audio files. Years ago, if you wanted to compress such files Winrar was the only useful solution among compressors, but recent Freearc versions seem to have special algorithms to deal with such content. I ran a quick test with an extracted flac I had lying around:

    Jackson Brown - Somebody's Baby
    Original:	46.341.500
    Winrar 3.91-zip	44.101.368
    7z 9.25		42.828.644
    Winrar 3.91-rar	33.388.658
    Flac 		30.749.181
    Freearc	0.67	30.349.931
    Monkey's Audio	29.690.088
    Maximum compression was used in every case. So Freearc doesn't just beat other well used archivers, but also FLAC and it's pretty close to Monkey's Audio. So unless you want to resort to a special sound compressor Freearc is a great choice. Results may vary though, especially if these da-files aren't recognized as audio-files by Freearc.

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