This project its about to decompress and then compress again a file from a Virtual Console game (wii)
The file come from the last Virtual Console NEOGEO game realised last tuestday (Metal Slug 3)
The purpouse is repack the file with another unrealised game (is called "injection") as i did timeee ago.

I did a very similar request with the same file name. On this website -->(http://forum.xentax.com/viewtopic.php?t=4906)

(last time it was used "Simplyzip" with option "External progs"-->Zlib (pack/unpack) or Xpert 2.0 tool decompres/compress it) An "extrange" type of zlib compression

Now It has just appear a new compression type (for me) and im not able to decompress it.


-File name game.bin.z
-Size 35.732.788bytes
-Start with "header" 43 52 .. .. ..

-End with:


*-Supposed extracted size 93.192.256 bytes (the sum of header+game file+bios)

*-The result of file extraction allways was a single file, for instance i suppose it will be the sema.
If not, it could have:
Header: 64bytes (used to be)
M file:524.288 bytes (original neogeo game file)
S file:262.144 bytes (original neogeo game file)
V file(s):16.777.216 byte (original neogeo game file)
C file(s):67.108.864 bytes (modified original neogeo game file )
P file(s):8.388.608 bytes (modified original neogeo game file)
Bios: 131.072 bytes (a special bios for this purpose) "similar" to a regular neogeo bios

*-The old extructure of the extracted file used to be: (the file we want to obtain)
*Header (64bytes) with a list of file sizes or offset where they start (depends on versions)
*Game files (all joined one after another, thats the reason of the header)
*Bios (131.072 bytes), on lastest version not necesary at the end of the file

-Original file: (34Mb aprox)

-Split first 2MB

-Split last 2Mb

Thanks in advance