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Thread: Multimedia Data compression with FreeArc

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    Multimedia Data compression with FreeArc

    I have to compress a lot of 3d meshes, textures, sound files and compiled games for my work and I also repack games that aren't made by me as an hobby.
    So I have several questions about FreeArc, precomp, srep and the like as it seems they do the best job for this kind of stuff
    Oh and before I start I use InnoSetup as my last "final step" to deliver my files to a customer and aswell as for my repacks. So I will need to use all external tools within InnoSetup. I would like to avoid batch scripts that open up a console window for the compressor during the installation. Having all that in the progress bar like with the FreeArc Inno script that would be awesome!
    I tried to use precomp within the latest FreeArc but I always get this error message:
    I guess I could use precomp and srep without altering the FreeArc script when I use them directly in FreeArc? If so it would be nice to fix this error.
    But If I had to use precomp and srep oustide of freearc, how could I tell InnoSetup to handel them in a "clean" way?

    Regarding srep and precomp, any suggestions for commands for such data?
    I mainly have .obj, .dds, .png, .tiff, .jpg, .mp3, .ogg and .wav files. What could I use for those files?
    Except for JPG and PNG, precomp is taking care of that I guess

    Thanks in advance for any help on that matter
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