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    Filesystem benchmark

    I posted the benchmark in another thread before, but I think it deserves its own thread.
    It's a tool that can test performace of codecs when compressing small pieces of data. While it was designed for filesystems, it can also be used for stuff like network packets.

    The new version is tuned for portability. I wanted it to work on almost anything with a C++03 compiler, though I didn't test it on anything other than x86 Linux, Windows, gcc, clang, so don't expect wonders. I take bug reports though. On the way to achieve it, I removed the codecs that were very weak, though reintroduction is easy. Supported codecs:
    LZ4 r33
    LZ4hc r7
    snappy 1.0.4 r49
    lzjb 2010
    lzo 2.05 1x_1
    lzo 2.05 1x_999
    quicklz 1.5.1b6 -1
    quicklz 1.5.1b6 -3
    zlib 1.2.5 -1
    zlib 1.2.5 -6
    zlib 1.2.5 -9

    I also added multithreading support.

    It's output is not human readable, but a csv for easier analysis.

    fsbench 0.5 (c) Dell Inc.  Written by P.Skibinski; FS mod by m^2
    usage: fsbench [options] input
     -iX: number of iterations (default = 1)
     -a: test all compressors, also slow ones
     -bX: filesystem block size(default = 2147483647)
     -sX: disk sector size(default = 1)e
     -v: verify that decompression went fine
    Attached a MinGW 4.5.2 x86 build and sources.

    I am going to do comprehensive testing soon. I would be thankful for computing time contributions...please contact me if you want to help.

    From now on, you can get the latest version of fsbench here:

    To check it out:
    fossil clone fsbench
    fossil open fsbench
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