New features in Zip 3.0, released 7 July 2008:

* large-file support (i.e., > 2GB)
* support for more than 65536 files per archive
* multi-part archive support
* bzip2 compression support
* Unicode (UTF- filename and (partial) comment support
* difference mode (for incremental backups)
* filesystem-synch mode
* cross-archive copy mode
* extended progress info and logging
* improved archive-fixing support
* improved streaming and piping
* improved command-line parser
* improved Unix FIFO support
* Unix 32-bit UIDs/GIDs (requires UnZip 6.0 to restore)

Future Plans

The next major release of Zip will be version 3.1, with AES encryption, complete Unicode-comments support, extended attributes, and perhaps some other things.