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Thread: Intel's Teraflops Research Chip and pigz parallel implementation ?

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    Smile Intel's Teraflops Research Chip and pigz parallel implementation ?

    hello, I'm new here I was wondering what would be the results if parallel implementation of pigz be used on Intel's Teraflops Research Chip which has 80 cores, what would the results be ? speaking in hypothetically ?

    does having large amount of cores speed of compression decompression ? I'm leaning mainly towards multimedia files, videos and mp3s nothing else

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    1. compression should scale well as far as each core has enough local memory (~512kb) and total RAM throughput is enough to handle 2gb/s compression speed
    2. pigz decompression is single-threaded
    3. MM files cannot be further compressed anyway

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    pigz version 2.4 26 Dec 2017
    Portability improvements
    Produce Zip64 format when needed for --zip (>= 4 GiB)
    Make -no-name compatible with gzip, add --time option
    Add -m as a short option for --no-time
    Check run-time zlib version to handle weak linking
    Fix a concurrent read bug in --list operation
    Process options first, for gzip compatibility
    Add --synchronous (-Y) option to force device write
    Disallow an empty suffix (e.g. --suffix '')
    Return an exit code of 1 if any issues are encountered
    Fix sign error in compression reduction percentage

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