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Thread: PAQ Speed Hacks

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    Smile PAQ Speed Hacks

    This is just some cheesy hacks for PAQ to increase speed. There are 5 files (one I can't recall why it's there - but meh - maybe it's useful to someone). i've been working on and off with over the years to gain some speed for this excellent tool of Matt's.

    In short, one file is the ASM routine unrolled. I tested against a few files and found this the most optimal. However we're talking cycles. Compile it and find out for yourself (obviously if you DO use the ASM portion).

    The other 4 are simply pre-calculated tables. Okay - so you're adding around 65k to the mainfile - but offset against the speed gains, i'll take that. One of the tables I don't seem to have used, but it's there incase I remember why I put it there.

    I have found that using these header-files makes the output perform a great deal faster than the Intel compiler does. However i've not included a binary as Linux purists tend to argue over the inclusion of DLL's - so i've kept it all portable.

    Please note that i've given these out because so many people here spend hours working on great tools, and it's the best I can give back right now (unless you want an encoder for pure-entropy files) - I just hope it's useful for those of you who spend hours testing compression ratios - may you save a few minutes here & there - enjoy.
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