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  • Darek's Avatar
    Today, 11:16
    Darek replied to a thread paq8px in Data Compression
    No, there were different moments. It's probably something with my laptop. I suppose that could be issue of low space on Disk C (system). I need to sometime close the laptop and hibernate system and for some cases, after standing up system, paq8px quits w/o any communicate. At now I started to plan compression for time when there won't be needed to hibernate the system. For enwik9 it's about 4 days of time which need to be not disturbed.
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  • Shelwien's Avatar
    Today, 07:33
    Which can be interpreted as "Let's wait 3 more years, then buy a bunch of otherwise useless preprocessors from Alex for $25k". 500000*(1-116673681/122000000) = 21829 (122000000-116673681)/5000/365 = 2.92 122MB is the estimated paq8px result, cmix and nncp won't fit due to time limit.
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  • mitiko's Avatar
    Yesterday, 23:40
    Uhm, Wikipedia says it's a general purpose LZ77 paired with Huffman and second order context mixing, but looking at the code it also includes a small static general purpose dictionary: But I'm probably not the guy to ask. Meanwhile, I made the counting linear but it's way slower. I tried some performance analyzing tools but nothing conslusive, just a little bit of everything - matching is expensive and sorting is expensive and looking at the bitvector (which I implemented myself) is inefficient. I'm considering some dp approach where we only count the words once but then there would be quite a complicated process of updating the counts, involving multiple suffix array searches and I'm still debating if it's worth it. Correct me if I'm wrong but mcm seems to be getting away with counting easily because they only rank matches to the words in the lookahead window. Later it's also using a hashtable of strings, which would be quite inefficient in my case.
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  • SolidComp's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:55
    Mitiko, what about brotli's dictionary transforms? Are they LZ77/78?
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  • byronknoll's Avatar
    Yesterday, 21:47
    A new rule has been added to Hutter Prize to make it easier:
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